Rabu, 17 November 2010

Santet or Indonesian Black Magic Evident

The medical world has grown so rapidly. Then was it partly stems from the
 tradition of traditional medicine smell "mystical"? 

Is black magic really exist? Is it possible to believe, the pain suffered by a person because there are nails, hair, pellet, or the graveyard, in the stomach and chest? The answer can be found at the Health Museum, located on Jl. Indrapura 17 Surabaya.Yes, the museum is often referred to people as a museum of witchcraft, it is enough to provide a scientific record of the results of health research that flourished in this land of emerald equator. In one room sits, there is a special display case that holds all things related to witchcraft. 

There is a bowl-shaped pottery witchcraft tools and puppets of people with stomach stuck a nail. There is a rotten egg, hair, thread, and more. "Instruments of witchcraft that we get from the original witches. Meanwhile, around him are goods which succeeded in out of body people affected by black magic, "said Mubaroch, Head of Information and Library Network Subbid Sisjakkes Center (Center for Research and Development of Health Systems and Policies). In addition, there are the scanned picture of a baby that looked full of plug pins on the chest and stomach. There's another photo scans showing three buckshot lodged in the ribs adults. This fact, he said, clearly illustrate that story around black magic really exist in the realm of our health sciences. He is not a figment story. In fact, medical cases like this sometimes untouchable modern medical technology. "The treatment would only be reached by another road, with the power of science a kind of a more positive," he added.  In the other
corner of the same room we can meet a couple of mystical doll called Jailangkung and Ninik Towok . Usually people use it as a medium for calling the spirit of the ancestor in order to get the mystical information or for healing from severe illness. 

So, why you not spend time to meet them all at Musium Kesehatan Surabaya....C Ya!


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