Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Trance Dance

A piece of story....from the Land of Gods
In Bali Indonesia the dance is not just a culture, 
it's a worship, it's a live of the people.
So, watch these my favorite dance ever...
Kecak dance....from Bali

This trance dance called "Reog Ponorogo" with
traditional javanesse house in background

This is a part of "Kuda lumping" trance dance...the dancer eating burning coal!

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is located at the peak of Mount Ijen, which is one of a series of volcanoes in East Java such as Bromo, Semeru and Merapi. Mount Ijen is located on the east side of Mount Merapi (in East Java also has mountains which have the same name with the mountain in the Mount Merapi in Central Java). Tourism Regions or crater Ijen Park Nature Reserve is located in the subdistrict of Licin, Banyuwangi and Sub Klobang, regency.
Ijen Crater lies at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level. What's interesting is this crater is located in the middle of the largest caldera on the island of Java. The size of the caldera about 20 miles. Size own crater approximately 960 meters by 600 meters with a depth of 200 meters. This crater is located at a depth of more than 300 meters below the caldera wall.

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Why crater is one of the most acidic crater in the world? Do you know how many degrees of acidity (pH) of this crater? This crater has a very high acidity level that is close to zero so that the human body can dissolve quickly. In addition, the temperature of the crater that reached 200 degrees Celsius increase amazed by this huge crater. However, behind the numbers that make these fears, it presents the enchanting beauty of this crater is also amazing. The beauty of what you can get in the crater?

Enchantment Beauty crater
Ijen crater from the top of Mount Ijen looks very beautiful. This crater is a large lake with a bluish-green mist and sulfur fumes which are very charming. In addition, cold air with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, and even can reach a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, will add its own sensation. A variety of plants that exist only in the plateau can also be found, such as Edelweiss Flower and Pine Mountain.
At early morning, when the sun began to shine crater area, beautiful scenery you can enjoy. Ijen Crater bluish green will be added to the golden sunlight that bounces in the crater. Stunning scenery you can also get to see the enchanting beauty of nearby Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi have a similar shape to Mount Ijen. The most appropriate moment to witness the beauty of Ijen is in the morning.
To get to the crater, you have to down a path along the caldera cliffs. Do not forget to bring life cover because sometimes sulfur smoke blown through the track. You can also surround the caldera in the region which takes around 8 to 10 hours on foot.

Sulfur miners Traditional
One of the attention of visitors at the crater area is a traditional sulfur miners. They boldly approached the lake to dig sulfur with simple equipment and then carried by the basket.

This sulfur miners take sulfur from the bottom of the crater. Here the smoke is thick enough, but with nose closing to the degree necessary equipment such as gloves, they are still looking for molten sulfur. The molten sulfur obtained from the pipe leading to the source of volcanic gases that contain sulfur. This gas flowed through a pipe and went out in the form of molten sulfur are red. Once frozen sulfur yellow.

After the sulfur is cut, the miners would carry it through the path. The loads carried enough weight between 80 to 100 kg. The miners are accustomed to bear this heavy burden as he walked the path on the caldera cliffs down the mountain as far as 3 miles.

Towards crater
You can reach the crater through two alternative routes. Here is a route frequently used by visitors to Crater of Ijen:

From Banyuwangi
This route is more difficult to pass due to poor road conditions. Usually used by the climbers for climbing route of Mount Ijen. This route can be reached from Banyuwangi, then headed to Licin District. From Licin to Jambu and then to Patulding. From Patulding you walk through the trail and the caldera cliff as far as 2 kilometers to the crater. The total mileage of this route is 38 kilometers.
From Bondowoso
This route is more easily passed because road conditions are good and relatively smooth. This route can be reached from Bondowoso, then headed Wonosari, then to Sempol and finally to Patulding. From Patulding you walk through the trail and the caldera cliff as far as 2 kilometers to the crater. Mileage of this route is 70 miles with views of pine forest coffee trees and charming.
You can go Bondowoso and Banyuwangi with public transportation from Surabaya.Distance from Surabaya to Banyuwangi Bondowoso and approximately 200 kilometers. For security reasons, the crater was closed starting at 14.00 because of the intensity of the toxic fumes of sulfur increases after that hour.

Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater is one of the charms of natural beauty of Indonesia. Many foreign tourists and local tourists visiting the region Ijen to witness the charm of natural beauty and uniqueness of the traditional sulfur miners in the crater. You are interested to visit him on vacation this time?

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Beach of Balekambang, East Java

Beach of Balekambang

Malang-East Java

The beach is located in District 
Bantur Balekambang 65 km, 
south of the city of Malang. 
Balekambang beach is quite 
beautiful and charming. This is 
also supported with adequate 
facilities, parking area, camping 
ground, souvenir shops, 
restaurants, toilets, information 
office, sedeharna bungalows, swimming pools and earth 
scout camp, praying and marquee. Sloping beach is filled with 
sea corals, which stretches along the 2 km with a width of 200 
meters towards the sea, during low tide, it will be visible on the 
water underneath various types of small ornamental fish that 
diverse. In addition, offshore islands appear three in a row to
 the west, Ismoyo Island, and Island Anoman Wisanggeni. 
Just above the Ismoyo Island stands a temple, named Pura
 Luhur Amertha Jati. To reach this temple, you can through a 
bridge footpath with a width of 1.5 meters. In the month 
of Suro, Cote Balekambang quite busy in coming to tourists  
both from domestic and foreign. There are special events
 at the beach this Balekambang namely Ceremony Surohan 
(Suro'an) and Jalanidhi Puja ceremony.

Getting There
This beach can be reached via the District 
and Sub Gondanglegi Bantur, proceed to the village or 
through the District Kepanjen Srigonco, District Pagak turn
 left toward Sub Bantur to use the vehicle, either car or 

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Where to Stay
In the vicinity of the beach area there are 
simple bungalows you can rent. If you decide you 
want to do camping, it is also available around the 
camping ground  Balekambang Beach area.

Dining Guide
You can dine at food stalls located in the beach area 

Things to See or Do
In this beach you can perform a variety of activities, from enjoying the beautiful sunset that sometimes appear on the sidelines of the three small islands on this coast, walking towards the temple located on the island of Ismoyo or just play water.
You can buy souvenirs at the souvenir shops located in the coastal area Balekambang.
You can walk to the beach araound
  • Be sure to check your vehicle's engine performance to be safe and comfortable journey.
  • Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and other supplies such as sun block, hats and more.

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo Surabaya

On an area covering 871 hectares that are in Sub Sukolilo Rungkut, Gunung Anyar and Mulyorejo Surabaya, continued greening of mangrove tree planting.
Each year the targeted planting of mangrove trees reach 50 thousand rods, with an area of 10 hectares.  Currently these mangrove areas have become attractive natural sights to visit.

Located in Surabaya, East Coast region, Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo (EMW) offers rehabilitation, education, and recreation. Local managers named bapak Joko Suwondo have imposed a system to track the package tours, so visitors can better enjoy the tour comfortably.

To achieve the rich sights of natural beauty, the visitors have to travel about five miles from the Bridge MERR II-C that exist in the area of Pondok Nirwana or STIKOM Surabaya.
From the bridge, visitors walk to the east past the IPH School, Orenz taxi stands, to find a direction toward the EMW. Mileage from that point until about 2.5 miles to location.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
To find the natural wealth in Wonorejo Mangrove Forest, visitors should be down by boat. During the stay in the boat, guests will be guided by the local youth tour guide.

After the trip, visitors will be invited to the secretariat of tourism agencies in the District office at Jalan Wonorejo 1. There, the manager has prepared a variety of products Wonorejo residents work for the visitors.

On the other hand, for marine species population of monkeys or long-tailed monkey is not extinct, District Rungkut long-tailed monkey transfered to the conservation of mangrove forests in Wonorejo. Not only enjoying the Mangrove tour while boating, but the visitors also can be friends with the animals living around the mangrove.

Watch in sequence these video below .......

The Departure

Go Boating

The Jogging Track

For the time being, this site is open only during the weekend and holiday, starting 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. But, in Feb 2011 when the restaurant near gazebo established then it planned  to open for tourist for the whole day in a week.

Interested? Please visit and enjoy Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo are still the only tourist in Surabaya mangrove. The town 
is known to be very busy and always crowded, but it still store a natural attractions that can release you from your busyness and fatigue.

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Eye of the Tiger

Want to know how you feel when face to face with the tiger? Her green eyes glared wow !... ..chilling goose bumps. Maybe it was an instant feeling of each prey to the king of the jungle before the sharp fangs tore apart the flesh. So brutal .... but you can feel his eyes with so close without having to lose your life. Just come to the tiger cafe in the TS II Pasuruan Indonesia. There, while enjoying nice food and beverage you can settle eye to eye with the king of the jungle. 20 mm thick sheet of glass is enough to protect your life .........So, watch this video!

Tips. Choose a seat by the pool, there are attractions in progress. Arrive at about Tiger eat time  ... what I know at 15:30. Have a nice try ..!

Rabu, 17 November 2010

Santet or Indonesian Black Magic Evident

The medical world has grown so rapidly. Then was it partly stems from the
 tradition of traditional medicine smell "mystical"? 

Is black magic really exist? Is it possible to believe, the pain suffered by a person because there are nails, hair, pellet, or the graveyard, in the stomach and chest? The answer can be found at the Health Museum, located on Jl. Indrapura 17 Surabaya.Yes, the museum is often referred to people as a museum of witchcraft, it is enough to provide a scientific record of the results of health research that flourished in this land of emerald equator. In one room sits, there is a special display case that holds all things related to witchcraft. 

There is a bowl-shaped pottery witchcraft tools and puppets of people with stomach stuck a nail. There is a rotten egg, hair, thread, and more. "Instruments of witchcraft that we get from the original witches. Meanwhile, around him are goods which succeeded in out of body people affected by black magic, "said Mubaroch, Head of Information and Library Network Subbid Sisjakkes Center (Center for Research and Development of Health Systems and Policies). In addition, there are the scanned picture of a baby that looked full of plug pins on the chest and stomach. There's another photo scans showing three buckshot lodged in the ribs adults. This fact, he said, clearly illustrate that story around black magic really exist in the realm of our health sciences. He is not a figment story. In fact, medical cases like this sometimes untouchable modern medical technology. "The treatment would only be reached by another road, with the power of science a kind of a more positive," he added.  In the other
corner of the same room we can meet a couple of mystical doll called Jailangkung and Ninik Towok . Usually people use it as a medium for calling the spirit of the ancestor in order to get the mystical information or for healing from severe illness. 

So, why you not spend time to meet them all at Musium Kesehatan Surabaya....C Ya!

Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Surabaya Heritage Track House of Sampoerna

Surabaya - The town is a witness to the persistence arek-arek Suroboyo against the occupiers, one of the places that became history in Surabaya is Building the House of Sampoerna, located on Jl. Taman Sampoerna Surabaya No.6.

Given a little histor
y of the House of Sampoerna. In 1862 the building magnificent legacy from the Age of the Netherlands was built, an ancient building with pillars of smoke that reads "234" (Dji Sam Soe) on top of it. The founder of Sampoerna, Liem Seeng Tee bought this place in 1932 and then make it as a place of Sampoerna's first cigarette production, while traveling one of the largest tobacco industry in the country.
House of Sampoerna which used as acommercial business industry, has now become one of the resorts that contain entertainment, history, as well as knowledge.In this museum also has a place not to miss art galleries, shops, and cafes.

In addition, to promote tourism in Surabaya, House of Sampoerna held the program "Sampoerna for Indonesia" and bus Surabaya Heritage Track (SHT). Monday (6 / 2009) SHT inaugurated by the mayor of Su
rabaya Bambang DH, on the museum page House of Sampoerna. A bus is a kind of tram-shaped with bright red color. The bus is a kind of tour bus carrying vacationers to surround some parts of the city of Surabaya, especially his old town area.

No expenses are charged to participate in this tour only with a ticket (can be obtained at the House of Sampoerna). Tracker (passenger buses) to enjoy and recognize the buildings heritage, historical city of Surabaya is known as a city of heroes, the stories chronicle of Surabaya, the wealth of cultural diversity and to get information of other tourist attractions in Surabaya with a friendly guide, a comfortable bus, and without spending a penny fare.

If you want to join this tour, had a reservation in advance. Could also go show. However, when it's full of his seat had to wait for the next hour, or some other time. Once the trip, provided seat 20.SHT is a "gift" from the Foundation for the Surabaya. Operated since June 2009.Some time after the anniversary of the city of Surabaya on May 31. SHT is intended for people much more familiar with the historical "Surabaya".

Many of us often pass on these sites, but never know what historical event that had occurred there. 
Perhaps the only famous Red Bridge and Hotel Majapahit only.Because not know this, many historic buildings in Surabaya restored and built new buildings.There are two types of trips organized by the 
House of Sampoerna (HOS) of this. Ie short trips and long trips. The duration of each trip are both 
one hour. Only the course route and day different. For short distance trips, usually done on Weekdays (Tuesday through Thursday). While the long trip, made on the weekend (Friday to Sunday). On 

Monday there was no alias is a holiday trip. The journey begins from the House of Sampoerna (HOS) 

and ends there as well. The route passed the Prison Kalisosok, Tugu Pahlawan, Jalan Kramat Gantung, 

Jalan Tunjungan, Jalan Pemuda, then headed to Jalan Gentengkali.Roads and Road Through Blauran lathe bus back to the HOS. The bus stops twice, namely at the Institute for Youth and Cak Durasim Building 

(Arts Building East Java).

Then on Sunday, at the Youth Center there will be performances reog, and in Building Cak Durasim many little kids to practice dancing. Youth Hall was once the ball room (Societet) 

during the Dutch era. While the building was once the palace of Cak Durasim Kanoman Surabaya. If the short trip route is not too far from the HOS. But the truth is no less attractive with a long trip. Its object, is entered into a bunker owned by PTPN XI. Unfortunately, I have not tried that go into this bunker. I think, seems more interesting this short trip.

Within a day, funny and unique bus based in the House of Sampoerna is undergoing trip three times, ie at 10:00 to 11:30 pm, 1:00 p.m. to 14:30 pm, and 3:00 p.m. to 16:30 pm. For Friday-Sunday, extended trip time and a half hours to 09:00 to 11:00 am, 13:00 to 14:30 am and 15:00 to 17:00 pm.

Contact House of Sampoerna
Address: Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya 60163, Indonesia
Tel. 6231353-9000
Fax. 6231353-9009
E-mail: hos.surabaya @ sampoerna.com
Website: www.houseofsampoerna.com