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Beach of Balekambang, East Java

Beach of Balekambang

Malang-East Java

The beach is located in District 
Bantur Balekambang 65 km, 
south of the city of Malang. 
Balekambang beach is quite 
beautiful and charming. This is 
also supported with adequate 
facilities, parking area, camping 
ground, souvenir shops, 
restaurants, toilets, information 
office, sedeharna bungalows, swimming pools and earth 
scout camp, praying and marquee. Sloping beach is filled with 
sea corals, which stretches along the 2 km with a width of 200 
meters towards the sea, during low tide, it will be visible on the 
water underneath various types of small ornamental fish that 
diverse. In addition, offshore islands appear three in a row to
 the west, Ismoyo Island, and Island Anoman Wisanggeni. 
Just above the Ismoyo Island stands a temple, named Pura
 Luhur Amertha Jati. To reach this temple, you can through a 
bridge footpath with a width of 1.5 meters. In the month 
of Suro, Cote Balekambang quite busy in coming to tourists  
both from domestic and foreign. There are special events
 at the beach this Balekambang namely Ceremony Surohan 
(Suro'an) and Jalanidhi Puja ceremony.

Getting There
This beach can be reached via the District 
and Sub Gondanglegi Bantur, proceed to the village or 
through the District Kepanjen Srigonco, District Pagak turn
 left toward Sub Bantur to use the vehicle, either car or 

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Where to Stay
In the vicinity of the beach area there are 
simple bungalows you can rent. If you decide you 
want to do camping, it is also available around the 
camping ground  Balekambang Beach area.

Dining Guide
You can dine at food stalls located in the beach area 

Things to See or Do
In this beach you can perform a variety of activities, from enjoying the beautiful sunset that sometimes appear on the sidelines of the three small islands on this coast, walking towards the temple located on the island of Ismoyo or just play water.
You can buy souvenirs at the souvenir shops located in the coastal area Balekambang.
You can walk to the beach araound
  • Be sure to check your vehicle's engine performance to be safe and comfortable journey.
  • Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and other supplies such as sun block, hats and more.


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