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Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo Surabaya

On an area covering 871 hectares that are in Sub Sukolilo Rungkut, Gunung Anyar and Mulyorejo Surabaya, continued greening of mangrove tree planting.
Each year the targeted planting of mangrove trees reach 50 thousand rods, with an area of 10 hectares.  Currently these mangrove areas have become attractive natural sights to visit.

Located in Surabaya, East Coast region, Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo (EMW) offers rehabilitation, education, and recreation. Local managers named bapak Joko Suwondo have imposed a system to track the package tours, so visitors can better enjoy the tour comfortably.

To achieve the rich sights of natural beauty, the visitors have to travel about five miles from the Bridge MERR II-C that exist in the area of Pondok Nirwana or STIKOM Surabaya.
From the bridge, visitors walk to the east past the IPH School, Orenz taxi stands, to find a direction toward the EMW. Mileage from that point until about 2.5 miles to location.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
To find the natural wealth in Wonorejo Mangrove Forest, visitors should be down by boat. During the stay in the boat, guests will be guided by the local youth tour guide.

After the trip, visitors will be invited to the secretariat of tourism agencies in the District office at Jalan Wonorejo 1. There, the manager has prepared a variety of products Wonorejo residents work for the visitors.

On the other hand, for marine species population of monkeys or long-tailed monkey is not extinct, District Rungkut long-tailed monkey transfered to the conservation of mangrove forests in Wonorejo. Not only enjoying the Mangrove tour while boating, but the visitors also can be friends with the animals living around the mangrove.

Watch in sequence these video below .......

The Departure

Go Boating

The Jogging Track

For the time being, this site is open only during the weekend and holiday, starting 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. But, in Feb 2011 when the restaurant near gazebo established then it planned  to open for tourist for the whole day in a week.

Interested? Please visit and enjoy Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo are still the only tourist in Surabaya mangrove. The town 
is known to be very busy and always crowded, but it still store a natural attractions that can release you from your busyness and fatigue.


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